Renewable Equipment Solutions
Require Deep Ocean
Engineering Experience

PMI Industries provides offshore, subsea cable hardware
that increases efficiency, reduces failures, and improves
installation and deployment time.


Dyna Hanger - PMI

A Proven Deep Ocean Cable Hardware Provider

PMI Industries is a subsea engineering company helping customers get the most out of their ocean cable hardware by building quality terminations, stoppers, hangers, umbilical hardware, seismic equipment and bending strain relief equipment. We design, manufacture, test and supervise the installation of our equipment. And our tool-free solutions currently equip offshore industries around the globe including those in oil and gas, seismic, defense and renewable energy programs. Everything we do is to help you work more efficient and decrease cable deployment time.

Cable Terminations and Splice

Proven Products

Cable Terminations, Cable Splice Kit, Cable Swivel, Cable Hardware Testing.

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Underwater Cable Engineering

Proven Engineering

Field-proven techniques allow us to offer one-of-a-kind solutions to solve one-of-a-kind problems.

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Underwater Cable Engineering

Proven Results

High-end subsea cable hardware designed to guard against cable damage


Industry Focused Experience

Oil & Gas Industry

Wave and Tidal

PMI is part of the quickly growing marine energy market -- ready to create custom and quality solutions that withstand harsh and hazardous environments.

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Renewable Energy

Offshore Wind

PMI provides proven durable cable hardware that enables the offshore wind energy industry to transmit energy to land.

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Oceanic Research & Telecommunications

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The outcome of your project will rely on the quality of your subsea terminations. These are the 7 questions you should be asking about your subsea terminations.

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The Power of Our Oceans

An Intriguing Source of renewable Energy

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