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Recap of 2015 SEG New Orleans

Photo credit: Weak oil prices weighed heavily on the folks attending last month’s annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Time and again, the people we talked to at 2015 SEG New Orleans were on the prowl for cooperative cost-saving opportunities. With crude oil prices down more 50 percent from their June 2014… Read More

Jumpstart your cost savings with hydrodynamic efficiencies

Cost-saving mode is not the best time for trial projects. Instead, it’s an opportunity to drive innovative ways to reduce cost. At PMI, we are focused the potential to save on operating costs by simply considering the hydrodynamic efficiency of your cable hardware. Sinking profits could be a good trigger to reconsider the drilling and completion… Read More

How to effectively respond to oil-price shocks

Never lose sight of operational excellence. This is going to be key for oil companies as they struggle with oil price volatility. At PMI, our engineering excellence means our clients receive proven product technologies and processes to deliver ease of installation, long service life, and reduced lead times, allowing them to focus on other tactics for… Read More

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