PMI’s Ocean Cable Hardware Products & Services

No tools. No kidding.

Our “No Tools Required” ocean cable hardware is designed reduce installation time, ensure reliable cable systems, increase performance and lower costs.

Unique Ocean Cable Hardware Innovations


PMI engineers innovative systems which provide cable protection hardware that installs quickly without the use of special tools. Watch how these three innovative ideas create powerful solutions for improving the work of deckhands, chief mechanics and management.

1. Helical gripping rods wrap-on easily and can be installed anywhere along an ocean cable.

2. This freely-rotating collar assembly allows for attachment points anywhere along the ocean cable span.

3. These sheave mounts are uniquely design to allow for a forth degree of rotation between spreader ropes.

All can be completely assembled without tools.


Custom Ocean Cable Hardware Systems

All PMI designs meet customer requirements and use proven design features and assembly techniques. All ocean cable systems are thoroughly tested prior to shipment.

  • Mechanical Terminations:  Develop full break strength of the cable strength members using helical gripping principle or terminating the strength members (metallic or synthetic).
  • Electrical/Optical Connections:  Designed to meet customer interface specifications and integrate with mechanical termination.
  • Redundant Sealing Techniques:  Isostatic sealing for water-tight integrity to prevent water intrusion to the electrical/optical splice and connector components.
  • Bending Strain Relief (BSR) Devices:  Protect the cable at the critical tow point and array end terminations and isolate electrical core from strain.


Innovative Product Development


Ocean Cable Hardware System


  • “No Tools Required” Product Designs Reduce Installation Time
  • Proprietary Mid-span Attachment Hardware for  Bottom Lay Cables
  • Custom Terminations and Flotation Systems for Marine Power Cables
  • Small Profile Termination; same as Cable Diameter
  • Full-Strength Electro-Optical Terminations and Joints
  • Terminations for Synthetic Strength Member Cables
  • Breakaway Terminations
  • Towed Array Cable Systems


Tell us about your project. What ocean cable issues are you dealing with?