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PMI specializes in equipment assisting Lake Guardian in fighting the sliming of Lake Erie

Scientists and researchers are tackling HABs in Lake Erie, which have depleted the oxygen from the deeper waters off Cleveland. PMI specializes in producing some of the heavy-duty equipment being deployed in order to solve this problem. The season of algal blooms — the green slime that coats the water — and dead zones is… Read More

Cable Hardware Adds Productivity to PGS’ 3D Seismic Acquisition Vessels

The launch of the Ramform Titan class marine seismic data acquisition ships by Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) mark a new era of subsea oil and gas exploration. The second of these vessels, the Ramform Atlas was launched in January, 2014. The Ramform Titan and Ramform Atlas are designed and built by PGS to be the most powerful and productive of… Read More


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