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Planning a Marine Energy Project: Cable Considerations

Whether marine energy project planners deploy wind, wave or tidal devices, they cannot afford to overlook the basics: transmitting power back to the mainland via electrical cables. There’s an abundant body of knowledge on transmitting electrical power via underwater cables because power companies have been doing it decades. Indeed, Europe’s mature offshore wind industry has amassed… Read More

Pros and Cons of Floating Platforms in Marine Renewable Energy

Are floating platforms the future of marine renewable energy? It’s hard to tell just yet. Floating platforms have been bulwarks of the oil and gas industries for decades. If we can use a floating platform to drill from the ocean surface down through kilometers of bedrock, how hard could it be to mount a wind… Read More

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Are Cable Issues Undermining Offshore Wind Success?

Offshore wind technology gets better every year with more innovative turbine and blade designs. But no matter how well they design a wind turbine, engineers perpetually confront the unique difficulties of exporting electricity back to shore. Subsea power cables are built with the demands of open ocean in mind. Multiple layers of alloy and fiber… Read More

PMI Attends Offshore Energy 2016

  It was a tale of two sectors ­last week at Offshore Energy 2016 in Amsterdam. On one hand, conference sessions and convention hall crowds talked up the turbulence stirring the oil-and-gas sector. On the other, experts debated the prospect of slowing climate change and extolled the prospects of massive growth in Northern Europe’s offshore… Read More

Pros and Cons of Tidal Energy

Gravity from the sun and moon tugs at the surface of our oceans, creating tides that move massive quantities of water across broad expanses of shoreline twice a day. All that moving water produces kinetic energy we can convert into electrical power. Though all of the earth’s continents have shorelines and tides, we haven’t done… Read More

Environmental Concerns of Marine Energy

Generating electricity from waves or tides requires placing large mechanical devices in the middle of complex, fragile ecosystems. How will life respond to these intrusions? Because we’re so early in the evolution of marine energy, environmental concerns post a host of serious questions, such as: What have we learned from the development of artificial reefs?… Read More

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Hurdles in Establishing Practical & Reliable Wave Energy

Wave power looks like a no-brainer at first glance. After all, oceans cover more than 70 percent of our planet’s surface, and waves lap up on the shores of all seven continents. Just build machines to convert those waves into electricity and we’re all set, right? Alas, wave energy challenges can be as deep as… Read More

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Market Opportunities for Offshore Wind: What Does the Future Hold?

The future of the offshore wind market depends on where you’re standing. In Europe, the offshore wind market is so well established that new generations of equipment are replacing obsolete machinery. In North America, the industry is so new that it exists largely on the drawing boards of offshore-wind developers. In Asia, it’s somewhere in… Read More

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Challenges in the Installation and Repair of Offshore Wind Turbines

Installing and maintaining offshore wind turbines is an incredibly complex undertaking full of daunting logistical challenges. For starters, ships built to install turbines can cost $100 million or more. Stormy weather can delay installations and thwart repairs. Weather and erosion exact a long-term cost on turbine blades, and turbine engines must be painstakingly designed for… Read More

Obstacles to Developing Marine Renewable Energy in the U.S.

In theory, thousands of miles of shoreline should make the United States an ideal locale for developing marine renewable energy. But tapping the energy from all the waves pounding the shores of the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts of the U.S., is an incredibly complex prospect. A wide range of obstacles must be overcome. Topographical… Read More


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